Our locks are the only barrier, preventing burglars from stealing our precious belongings. You lose the security of having your valuable items locked, and you might end up losing everything. Now, even though a lot of us are entirely relied upon the locks to do their job well, nobody really thinks of their maintenance. Yes, you heard us right, locks too need maintenance. Proper care of these locks can ensure longevity. Because let’s be honest, changing your locks frequently is not only cumbersome but also a waste of resources. Here, we bring to you a few tips and tricks, to make your locks last longer.


Cleaning of the locks

Not a lot of us might be aware of this, but you do need to clean your locks and other security devices on a routine basis. The common household locks can be cleaned with some clean cloth or even a sharp blow of air. Often locks are exposed to water, dust, and heat. They can leave the lock rusted or blocked. 



You must also grease your locks periodically. This has a dual purpose. Firstly, oil makes sure that metal doesn’t get any oxygen which can lead to rusting, and secondly, it lubricates the parts which prevent blockage. You can spray graphite lubricant or dry lubricant into the lock and then turn the keys two or three times. This will clean out all the excess gunk. For the outsides of your door lock, try using a normal cloth with some detergent. Anything stronger than a detergent might hamper the finish of your lock. Apart from this, for all your other security system devices, we recommend you follow the procedure mentioned in the manual.


Keep a spare key

Most of the locks are changed when their key is lost. Hence it is suggested that at the time of installation, either keep a copy of the key aside, somewhere safe, or get a few made if it only has a single key. Another fact is that keys usually get more worn out than locks. Since it’s easier to replace the keys than the locks, it is always better to keep one for the future.  


Alignment of Doors

Misalignment can put a lot of stress on your locks. While locks are made to endure any kind of force, continuous pressure on the same can make them vulnerable to breakage. In certain situations, you might even have a door preventing entrance and exit. So, it’s important to align your doors well with the locks. Keep a tab on the space between the door frame and the door. It must be even throughout.


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