If you have ever been stranded because your key broke off in your car door, you truly understand the feeling of frustration. We’ve composed this easy step-by-step guide to removing the broken key and gaining access to your car. At Rocket Locksmith, we are committed to the safety our customers and community.

9 Steps To Remove a Broken Key

Broken keys not only keep you from going where you need and having access to any belongings, it also keeps your lock from being usable. If the lock was in the locked position when the key broke, it will remain locked until the remnant of the key is removed. We’ve put together this easy step-by-step guide to removing the key:

  • Remove key head: If the key didn’t totally break in two, remove the key head so only the portion in the lock is remaining.
  • Align lock: Align the lock as if you were going to remove the key. Use your thumb or other stiff object to move it into the insert position.
  • Clear area: Clear the lock area of any debris, paper or cloth.
  • Lubricate the Lock: Use a spray lubricant or powder to help loosen the key. Spray from all angles to ensure a liberal coating.
  • Find a Lock Removal Tool: Make sure you choose a tool narrow enough to slip into the lock key way. These tools are available at all hardware stores. Make sure the tool you choose has a hook on the end to insert into the lock. The hook should extend upward to engage the teeth of the key.
  • Insert Key Removal Tool: Gently insert into the lock key way. Turn the tool sideways so the hook doesn’t catch on the teeth of the key while you insert. If necessary, jiggle the key to allow for full insertion.
  • Engage the Removal Tool: Turn the key removal tool so the hook is facing the teeth of the key. Slowly pull the tool back so you can catch one or more of the teeth.
  • Keep Pulling: Keep pulling the key removal tool slowly back. If you didn’t catch the teeth of the key, re-insert and try again.
  • Remove the Key: When sufficient key is showing, you should be able to pull the remaining key with your fingers. Don’t throw this away as a replica can still be made.

With these simple instructions, anyone should be able to remove a broken key. If you have trouble or just don’t feel confident enough to remove the key, call a local locksmith at 314-899-2469.

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