Are you tired of worrying about sensitive information coming to your mailbox unprotected? Or have you had a problem with mail theft in the past? This easy step-by-step guide will give you the knowledge necessary to install your own mailbox lock.

Step by Step Mailbox Installation

We are going to start with a new mailbox. If you have to remove an old lock, you would need to remove that lock before starting these instructions.

  • Choose your lock: We recommend a cylinder lock. These come with a pair of keys and are easily operated without risking the integrity of the lock. All-weather steel coating on the outside of the lock will protect it from the elements.
  • Ready your mailbox: Create a hole on the front door of the mailbox big enough to fit the cylinder portion (the main locking portion) of the lock. This is usually ⅝” wide by ¾” tall, use a drill for the hole. If you have a metal mailbox, there are usually metal clips to secure the lock to the box.
  • Remove lock from packaging: Insert the locking bar inside the hole and turn toward the inside portion of the mailbox door and secure the locking pin. For metal boxes insert the locking bar between brackets and tighten.
  • Keys: Make sure the keys fit the lock you have.

Replacing or installing a mailbox lock is usually not complicated and somewhat straightforward. If you run into problem, call our office at 317-899-2469 today.

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