Door locks are a part of everyday life that we mostly do not have to put much thought into. They keep your family members, belongings, and property safe and protected so that you don’t have to worry whenever you leave. Locks are something we think about when something goes wrong with it. With years of experience, Rocket Locksmith has all the tricks of the trade to get your locks back on track. Below mentioned are some of the most common problems regarding locks:


Slow door lock

Slow or stiff door locks may occur due to the accumulation of dirt in the locks. If you notice that the lock handle is slow or it is difficult inserting the key into the lock, you can go for a DIY method and insert a cotton swab into the locking area to remove the dirt. If the lock is not adequately lubricated, make use of graphite or silicone spray on the lock but never make use of oil or grease as they can clog during the cold season. 


Damaged Lock Cylinder

When you position a key in a lock and turn it, the key must effortlessly spin into the lock and unlock the house door. If the entire cylinder of the lock turns, it is a sign of significant difficulty. A cylinder that turns with the key pressures the locking mechanism. You can get locked out of the property, or you can’t be able to lock the property, leaving it vulnerable. If the whole cylinder spins, the trouble could be a loose or dented setscrew. If this is the situation, the screw requires replacement or proper tightening. It does sound simple, but sometimes the issue can be more complex. The locksmith has to determine the setscrews that keep the cylinder in position. 


Jammed Locks or Latches

There are frequent reasons for latch or lock jamming. One critical reason is the building up of debris leading to the working of the internal system. Even if there’s a wrecked latch bolt or lock it can cause the problem of lock jamming. Thus, it becomes vital to solving the difficulties to keep the door lock frames or hardware from further harm. 


The door doesn’t latch

If your doors don’t latch then it might most likely be a condition of misaligned locks. If the instrument inside the lock is messed up and the security deadbolt is dented then the lock will show such indications wherein it doesn’t latch properly or in some cases be totally dysfunctional. If it doesn’t latch it should be changed properly. 


Faulty door mechanism

The majority of doors is mechanical, and they become faulty with time and wear. Old locks may be problematic because of excessive use, and non-maintenance of the locks can turn them defective. Therefore, mechanical problems in locks should be left for expert locksmiths to handle because it’s not even worth trying a DIY method is you do not understand the mechanism of the locks. 


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