Be it in cases of small potential businesses or huge multinational companies, a successful and savvy break-in, can be extremely distressing and overwhelming. It’s almost devastating to look at the aftermath of the same with some of your most valuable items gone. In such a situation, it important to get back on your feet and take matters into control.

You may undergo a feeling of vulnerability, but by the means of this article, we wish to take you through some important steps, that are necessary to reassure both your employees and clients.

So here are a few tips to restore your office security:


1. Repair the point of entry

Most instances of theft take place via forced entries. In such a case it’s important to get to those points of entries and secure them as soon as possible. Until these points are fixed, your unit will still be vulnerable to more accounts of break-ins. Even if you don’t have the resources or the time to fix it well, a temporary fix will also do the job. The idea is to secure your unit against opportunists who might exploit you, again.


2. Take inventory

Assessing your damage from the break-in is again important. You cannot make a strategy to get back until you don’t know how much you have actually lost. Be it, liquid cash, items kept for sale or even electronic data which would have been of value. Know your loss.

Another aspect will be that, it will even help you in knowing what has to be repaired. This way you can prioritize your expenditure on repairs as well.


3. Access your existing security system

Understand your shortcomings. Which poor decision let to this happening? Or which are the weakest links in your security system? To regain stability, you need to know the cause and then work on strengthening it. To go the extra mile, open up a full-fledged investigation on the same, and find that weak link.


4. Contact your insurance company

The process of claiming your insurance can a lengthy process, hence it is always advisable to begin the process as soon as possible. For this you can start with first getting in touch with them, to know what all losses are covered in your insurance scheme. Then you must collect all the receipts and bills for the items lost, to raise your claims. Any kind of monetary help during such times will be beneficial.  


5. Relook your Security System

A break-in is an indication of a shaky and weak security system. You must build up your security system ab initio.  Take help from the expert professionals. Layer your system up. This will help in regaining your sense of control and will also assure your workers


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