For residents, it is incredibly important to have a secure mailbox to receive mail. When sensitive information can be going through your box it is often best to have a solution that will ensure that your mail is safe from theft. Installing your own mailbox gives you better control over your mail by providing you with a box that can be locked and protected. Of course, the lock and keys play a huge roll in the success of your mailbox.

Rocket Locksmith is a local St. Louis company that provides a wide range of locksmith services throughout the city. While many only call a locksmith for emergencies, they can be incredibly beneficial for your security. We offer residential, automotive, and commercial services that will provide security with each lock and key. Learn more about secure mailboxes and our services for your locks.

Secure & Rekey Mailboxes

Many homeowners should look into installing secure mailboxes for their home. These mailboxes still allow mail to be delivered, but it can only be accessed by the owner. These mailboxes safely lock in the mail and the person with the key can then open and receive the mail. This will provide you with more security when receiving mail directly to your home.

Without a secure mailbox, many people run the risk of losing sensitive information due to the easy access of a regular mailbox. Keeping a lock on your mailbox is a surefire way to keep anybody from sneaking into your mailbox and stealing your mail. Of course, if you are ever in need of a new lock or key, calling Rocket Locksmith is your best option.

Rocket Locksmith Services

There are many reasons to look into a locksmith for your mailbox. Perhaps you need a new key. A locksmith can provide you with any additional keys for your mailbox. If you ever misplace a key or need another key for another member of the household, you can always call us to make a spare. However, a misplaced key can be bad for your security, that’s why we offer lock replacement services.

Our locksmiths can come and install a new lock on your mailbox. This lock will provide you with a new set of keys so each person who needs one can have a key made in that moment. Whether your lock is old, broken, or there is a missing key somewhere, we can make sure that your mailbox is well secured with a new lock and key.

Get A Mailbox Locksmith Today

Want a new lock or new key for your mailbox? Our locksmiths at Rocket Locksmith are well equipped to provide you with the best services. We can rekey your mailbox, replace locks, and give you peace of mind. If you would like to learn more about our services, be sure to contact us here or give us a call at 314.899.2469!