When you are stranded on the side of road, needing a replacement key, who do you call? Do you call the first 800 number that pops up from your google search or do you go with a local provider? Rocket Locksmith providers are always local to the area with an invested interest in the community. We pride ourselves on prompt, reliable and economical services, backed by a local company you can trust.

Our local locksmith’s have years of experience in the locksmithing industry and will treat your property with the utmost care and concern. Don’t wait hours for an expensive service to show up when Rocket Locksmith can have you back on the road in no time at a fraction of the cost.

Can You Duplicate My Key?

The easiest and cheapest way to duplicate a car key is by having the original key. Cutting a new key requires minimal work if the original is intact. But, you wouldn’t be calling us if you had the original key, would you?

If you’ve broken or lost your key, we can make another copy, once we verify ownership of the car. This is done by entering the VIN number, after which we can quickly cut your new key.

What if My Key is Stuck (or Broken Off) in My Ignition or Door?

While this may seem impossible to fix or replace, our experts actually see this quite often. At Rocket Locksmith, our technicians are trained at extracting the key (or what is left of it) and will work to get you back on the road. If the ignition needs to be replaced, we can do that too! All for a reasonable price.

Rocket Locksmith Can Save You Money

If you have ever tried to have a key replaced, you may know the exorbitant amount car dealers charge for this service. Add to that price the fact that the dealer will charge you to tow your car to their dealership, and fix it on their schedule. It could be days before you have access to your car.

Rocket Locksmithing comes to your location and will have a new key made within minutes. Our St. Louis technicians are fast, friendly and knowledgeable. We use the most up to date technology available and have years of experience replacing keys.

Call Rocket Locksmith for Your New Key Today!

Don’t call that impersonal 800 number when there is a local locksmith that can have you on the road in a fraction of the time and at much less expense? Rocket Locksmith technicians are fast, friendly and reliable. We strive to keep our prices affordable so you will come to us whenever you need a locksmith. Whether you are just passing through St. Louis or you live here, we can help. Call our St. Louis office today at 314-899-2469, you won’t be sorry!