You’re already running late and quickly make your way through the cold morning to your car. You stop short when you reach for the car door handle only to find it firmly frozen shut. Now what? We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to efficiently and effectively melt pesky car door ice.

As you probably know, winters in Missouri can be brutally cold and have negative effects on almost everything. Cars left parked outside are subjected to the elements and car doors can often freeze. At Rocket Locksmith, we understand the frustration that can come from feeling helpless.

Tips to Thaw Frozen Car Doors

Car doors can freeze closed when water seeps in between a damaged seal and the car door. When this happens there are a number of things you can do to melt the ice. Here are a few:

  • Push on the Door: Pushing against the door as hard as you are able. This can break up the ice around the seal and allow you to open the door.
  • Chip at Ice: Using a plastic ice scraper, chip away at the ice around the seal of the door and handle, if necessary. Don’t use any metal object as it may chip your paint.
  • Lukewarm Water: Pour lukewarm water over the rubber seals. If you see anywhere where the seal could be damaged, focus on that area. When the seal is damaged, water can seep in and freeze. DO NOT USE HOT WATER, the temperature change can cause glass to shatter.
  • De-icer: Spray on a commercial de-icer. A de-icer will melt the ice and leave a lubricant behind to prevent future moisture accumulation.
  • Start Car Remotely: If you can start your engine remotely, this will thaw the door from the inside. It could take 10-15 minutes to completely thaw.
  • Hair Dryer: Move the hair dryer constantly back and forth along the seal. Too much time in the same place could cause the glass to break due to the temperature change.

Preventing ice from forming is the ideal way to avoid frustration and lost time. Simply covering your car or placing a garbage bag in between the seal and the car can keep the ice from sealing the door closed. At Rocket Locksmith, we are committed to our St. Louis and Kansas City communities. We will send a local locksmith with years of experience to get you out of sticky situations. Call us 24/7 at 317-899-2469!

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