During an emergency, panic bars can help maintain traffic flow along building exits, and they allow anybody to open a door from the inside without a key. Panic bars are a common OSHA requirement, and they lower insurance premiums on buildings. For an obligation-free consultation, call your local locksmith professionals today.

For years, Rocket Locksmith has provided residents around Weston, Florida with improved security and peace of mind. In addition to panic bars, we can provide commercial buildings with keyless locks, high-security locks, master key systems, and more! We value customer trust, and we conduct background checks on all of our licensed technicians upon hire.

How Panic Bars Improve Security

Panic bars come in a variety of models, and some come with an alarm system that sounds when a door with a panic bar is opened. There are other vertical-type exit devices that ensure that safety isn’t compromised during an emergency. In emergency situations, panic bars allow everybody inside a building to exit quickly and safely.

Panic bars increase traffic flow and prevent occupants from fumbling with doorknobs during emergencies. Call Rocket Locksmith for an obligation-free security consultation. Improving building security increases the property value and can potentially decrease insurance premiums. Adding panic bars, smoke alarms, child safe windows, fire extinguishers, and other features will improve security and help prevent disaster in the case of an emergency.

Rocket Locksmith is Affordable and Dependable

As a family-owned business, we value long-term relationships with our customers. Unlike other Locksmith dispatchers who send un-screened technicians to each job, Rocket Locksmith conducts extensive checks to make sure each representative is licensed, insured, and experienced. Visit us online for more information on our professional locksmith services.

Call a Locksmith You Can Trust

For years, we provided commercial buildings with locksmith services that help ensure asset and employee protection. Installing a panic bar can help prevent emergencies from becoming disasters. Call your local Weston, Florida locksmiths at (239) 236-4779 for emergency services or to set up a free security consultation.