An old lock or lost key can jeopardize your home security. Old locks can be picked and broken, and lost keys can fall into the wrong hands. Not only do homes contain valuable items, the safety of those residing inside depend on the quality of the door locks. Calling a locksmith will instantly restore your home security and peace of mine.

The expert technicians at Rocket Locksmith are licensed and background checked because we value trustworthiness. A locksmith that changes the locks on your home should be certified and honest. Our friendly locksmiths have installed thousands of keyless locks, and we know what kind of locks work best with different doors. Whether you’re looking to improve the security of your home or make access more convenient for visitors, keyless locks are a worthwhile investment. To schedule an appointment with a technician, or for emergency services, call (239) 236-4779.

When to Install Keyless Locks

Door locks should be replaced periodically in order to maintain the security of a home or building. If a lock has gotten rusty or there is a key broken inside, replace it immediately before security is breached. Or, if you have experienced a break-in, Rocket Locksmith is available 24/7 for emergency lock replacement. Lost or stolen keys could create possible security threats, and changing the locks will render obsolete any misplaced key. Rocket Locksmith will arrive promptly to replace or upgrade residential locks for tenants who have recently moved into a home. Previous roommates or owners could still have access to the home, and changing the locks will add security to your residence.

Keyless locks are gaining popularity among homeowners and landlords who want to grant entry to anyone with the card or pin number. Keyless locks are an efficient way to prevent strangers from entering a residence while also letting tenants or relatives come and go as they please.

How Keyless Locks Are Great for Homes

In the past, keyless locks were primarily installed in commercial buildings. In recent years, homeowners and landlords have requested keyless lock installation for its added convenience and security. Residents of Weston, Florida can have peace of mind knowing that the main entries are secure because keyless doors lock when they close. They cannot be picked, and pin number systems prevent security being compromised by lost or stolen keys..

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