Manchester, Missouri, USA is a large city located in the southwestern part of St. Louis County, Illinois. It is one of the major commercial centers in the United States of America. Manchester has a total population of approximately 18,000 at the present time. The total population in the last census was 18,090. This city is well-known for being the home to many famous actors, musicians, and comedians. It also has an important business presence in the film industry, but its major industry is the music industry. For this reason, the city of Manchester has become popular among tourists as well as residents of the state who seek to enjoy their holiday in this area of the country. Discover more about St Louis, MO  here.


Music is one of the most popular activities that people here enjoy. There are several music festivals throughout the year. The biggest festival is the “Greatest Manchester Festival” which is celebrated every July, although there are minor festivals throughout the year. During this festival, one can expect to see many performances by both local and international bands, and numerous other events. A number of celebrities have also performed at this particular music festival. The music festival in Manchester offers a lot of other entertainment options as well. There are numerous pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs where one can enjoy great food and drink as well. Discover facts about Maryland Heights, Missouri – An Important Community.



Music and dance are not the only thing that this city offers, however. This city has an active night life that it is well known for. It has the largest jazz scene in the entire Midwest.

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