St. Charles has several historic museums to its name. If you are visiting, it is highly advised you check out some of their museums. It is nice to see what each town offers in terms of art and history, and St. Charles is known for its warm welcome and quite a unique historical perspective and beautiful sites. Here are some of the best museums to visit in St. Charles. Further facts about St Charles, MO can be found here.

Lewis & Clark Boat House and Museum

This is an excellent place to go and see the finest of art displayed. It has replicas of the boats used by Lewis and Clark and other nature displays. It has a unique gift shop that is very difficult ever to see one of its kind. If you are within the vicinity, I would advise a visit to the museum. Information about Historical Points of Interests in St. Charles can be found here.

French Town Heritage Museum

French town heritage museum shows artifacts of two centuries in the history of St. Charles displayed. It houses an 1880 firehouse with an 1850 fire wagon and a 9-11 memorial on display at the venue. Want to jog your memory down the classic movie scene, take a visit to the French Heritage Museum.


These two museums offer an artsy feel and a deep dive into the art and classic technology. They should be included in your visit diary in St. Charles.