Overland, Missouri, USA is a large town in St. Louis county, Missouri. The population was approximately 16,611 in the 2020 census. Overland has a population of just under two hundred thousand. Overland was founded on March 7, 1875 and was first called Kansas City. Overland is home to some of the oldest buildings on the east coast, including the Old North Church and the historic St. John’s Riverboat. It was a main part of the Union Pacific railroad in the early part of the twentieth century but was later changed to a freight station for Columbia and Kansas City. Overland used to be known as “Oberlin Junction,” but was changed to Kansas City in the 1930s. Find further facts here.


Overland is located north of St. Joseph, Missouri, and west of Napoleon and Cass county, Missouri. The largest portion of Overland’s population is made up of immigrants, and minorities, as well as a large percentage of people from the Midwest. In recent years, Overland has grown significantly and is currently considered one of the fastest growing cities in the St. Louis region. Overland has seen an increase in new residents, especially people who are from the Midwest. This growth has caused a growth in retail stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, motels, and even assisted living facilities. Some people have moved into Overland as well as some other areas of St. Louis. Read about Richmond Heights, Missouri is The Place That Has Many Things to Offer here.



Overland has an active real estate market and is the third-largest community in St. Louis county. Overland was named by the Missouri House of Representatives after the O’Donnell family. Overland is home to many people who are making money in this area and it is not uncommon to find many new businesses opening up in Overland. Overland has a wide variety of homes and apartments that can be found for rent in the areas that are designated as historic districts. Overland has many attractions, and the city is very safe and secure.

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