Security should be your number one concern as a property owner. It doesn’t matter if it’s your house or your place of work, you should ensure it’s the most secure. Homes can be made safer by using certain kinds of locks, such as keyless entry systems using a transponder, password, or even biometrics. Places of work can utilize these tools too, but exiting must be as secure as the actual entrance. This is why there are regulations on how many exit points certain kinds of buildings should have.

These policies are put in place to make sure you can exit the building safely without any problems arising. Rocket Locksmith can promise you a secure installation when it comes to panic bars, which is why we have been able to help people in all kinds of businesses and communities. Contact us now if you want to learn more about what we do or if you want to start this process today.

What is a Panic Bar?

Understandably, not everyone has heard about panic bars, which is fine. There is nothing wrong with not being completely updated on everything going on in the security industry, which is why it’s important you have a complete knowledge of what this tool can be used for. You may have seen them around in certain large buildings and not even registered it as a panic bar, but just another door.

Panic bars are usually horizontal handles you put pressure on to push the door open, but it will lock itself usually when the door closes. However, it’s important to note these kinds of bars are connected to an alarm system or fire warning system, which lets other people know they need to evacuate the building quickly. Additionally, there are building requirements you may need to follow, which makes it mandatory to install these kinds of security systems.

For instance, the International Building Code Requirements makes buildings with assembly situations have a panic bar if it’s going to fit more than fifty people; education buildings need one if it’s going to fit more than 50 people; finally, high hazard places need it no matter the number of people. However, you need to make sure the panic bar is installed properly or it can damage the integrity of the way it works.

Who Can Install a Panic Bar?

Installing a panic bar can be done by yourself, but you need to make sure everything is proper or it may just be a waste of time. There are requirements you need to abide by and if you don’t you can get in a lot of trouble. A locksmith will be able to completely install the panic bar without any hiccups appearing. Although, you need to make sure you pick the right locksmith to ensure you get the best possible results.

Locksmith Nearby

One of the most important factors of picking a locksmith is how far they are in relation to your location. You don’t want to pick someone who is miles away because it may make the project to take longer than what you want. Rocket Locksmith can help people in various cities in Missouri and Weston, Florida, because we know what people want. Our ability to learn from every situation we’ve been in ensures we hold a vast collection of knowledge we can use to guarantee success with you.

Additionally, Rocket Locksmith has some of the best prices around. For a simple 19 dollar dispatch fee, we will come to your exact location and examine the situation to see what we can do. Our van is fully stocked with the latest equipment around to ensure we don’t have to travel back and forth getting the necessary tools. The installation of this panic bar can cost as little as 29 dollars or as much as 250 dollars, but it’s still vastly cheaper than what our competitors offer. However, there are still other factors you need to consider when picking out the best local locksmith.

Choosing the Best Locksmith

The best locksmith should be able to provide people with all kinds of services than just the basic emergency unlocking, rekeying of locks, and key duplication. Every locksmith is trained in doing these simple services, but it takes some extra effort to be able to train expert locksmiths in other services.

For instance, a locksmith should be able to handle an ignition repair if someone is in need of one and doesn’t want to visit a mechanic or car dealership. Additionally, a locksmith should be able to handle a car key extraction to ensure the ignition is not damaged any more than it is now, but this includes the door locks on residential properties, as well. You shouldn’t have to call multiples services if there is a professional locksmith who can do any work involving keys and locks.

Contact Rocket Locksmith Today for Panic Bar Installation!

Don’t trust anyone with something you crucially need done on your commercial properties. Use someone who has the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the possible results. Rocket Locksmith has been able to help people in all kinds of situations and panic bar installation is just another service at your disposal. We will not only install the panic bar but can examine your other locks to see if you require any additional work. Contact us now if you have questions about what we can do or if you want to start this process today.