Peculiar is located in Cass County and is in the central portion of the Kansas City metro area. The population was approximately 4,602 in the 2020 Census. The community motto is, “When the ‘odds’ are against you, Peculiar.” It was named for Pecksniff who was a former mayor of the small town of Peculiar, OK which is located in Douglas County, Oklahoma. Peculiar was one of those towns that suffered a great deal during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. Peculiar, MO has since changed greatly and is now growing in popularity. Find further facts here.


Mr. Pecula is also well known for his work as an author and editor, has written numerous books for both children and adults, and was nominated for numerous awards. He also works as an English teacher at a number of elementary schools throughout the country. There is an abundance of parks in Peculiar, MO, and the area boasts several local museums as well as several national parks. Peculiar, MO is also home to several art galleries and a number of independent movie studios. Read about Raymore Commercial Real Estate here.



Mr. Pecula was elected to the Board of Education in 2020. He has served on this board since then. The town was named after him in 1998, which was only the second time this particular name was used in the entire history of Cass County. In addition, Peculiar, MO is home to several historical attractions. There are a number of beautiful churches and historic buildings which have been restored by the Pecula family. Peculiar, MO is also home to the historic Peculiar State Park, which provides a number of outdoor activities as well as a number of historical attractions. The Pecula family has also made an effort to beautify the area with a number of new attractions and a new state park that are located here.

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