St Louis offers great entertainment options for people with all tastes. If you are a fan of drinking beer, there are several events and festivals that are suited for you. Some of these events are organized by renowned breweries, while others are run by local entertainment businesses. Some of the popular events that involve beer as the main item are listed below. Find further facts here.

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is an event held during winter every year. The event targets to shake off the cold weather effects on the St Louis people by Schlafly beer. The event is organized by Schlafly Bottleworks, a beer brewery located in St Louis. Read about Top Essential service Providers in St Louis here.

St Louis Microfest

This festival involves brewery Olympics. This is where different brewers compete to produce beer and the one with the best beer declared the winner. This is one in a lifetime opportunity for beer-lovers to taste different brands of beer all in one place.

St Louis Craft Beer Week

This event is held to celebrate the unique history of St Louis beer. The event provides a platform for beer-lovers to learn about the local craft beer scene. The event takes place in different venues including the International Tap House and Schlafly Bottleworks.