St Louis has a rich military history; this includes the active participation in the Revolutionary War battle on the banks of Mississippi River. The city is filled with monuments and other places of significant military history ranging from World Wars to modern military events. A visit to military museums will give you an opportunity to learn about the deep history of military services in St Paul. Here are some popular museums you can check out. Learn information about St. Louis, MO.

Soldiers Memorial Military Museum

This state-of-the-art museum located in downtown St Louis was created to honor the military service, veterans, and their families. The museum is run by the Missouri Historical Society and shares the memories of American History with the world through the St Louis environment. Discover facts about The Best Corporate Meeting Venues in St Louis.

Missouri Civil War Museum

Located at Jefferson Barracks, the Missouri civil war museum is the state’s premier civil war museum dedicated to honoring the people who died during the civil war. The museum contains weapons, equipment, uniforms, and other items used during the civil war to tell the civil war story in an unbiased interpretation.

St Louis Transportation Museum

Although it does not solely display military history and items, the St Louis Transportation Museum offers on display a wide range of transportation equipment, some of which were used in wars. The museum is a perfect place to learn the history and impact of transportation modes such as aircrafts and locomotives in wars.