If you are thinking about adding security to your home or business, a keypad door lock will protect your most important assets from potential intruders. Many homes have keypad locks that use a magnetic strip to open and close the door. This is an effective and affordable way to secure a home or business, but you will not be able to use the same type of system for other areas of the home or business. This is where keypad door locks come into play. Discover more about St Charles, MO here.


A keypad door lock is simply a door lock that has a magnetic strip on the outside of the door which can be programmed with a code to open a door. The lock can also be programmed to close the door when it is shut. There are different brands available, but if you are looking for a simple, easy solution to a security problem you will want to choose one of the models made by Schlage, Victor, or others. These companies make a range of lock models which can be installed in both residential and commercial settings. These locks use a key fob or keypad to provide the code required to open the door. Once you enter the code, the door will unlock and close automatically. Discover facts about Keypad Door Locks – Why You Need Keypads in Saint Charles, Missouri.



When choosing a keypad door lock, make sure that you select a model which provides a non-removable key fob to ensure that there are no potential dangers or mishaps if the door is opened. You should also look for a lock model that includes the ability to program multiple code combinations so that there are less chances of your house being broken into if one key is taken. You may also want to consider a lock which can provide an emergency contact number for you to call if you need to make a quick call to report an unauthorized entry.

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