Brentwood, Missouri, is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, situated in St. Charles County, Missouri. The current population is approximately 8,055 in the 2020 census. It is the most populated of the three counties of the St. Charles metropolitan area. The neighborhood is one of the oldest suburbs in the area and has been around for at least a century. It was originally established as a housing project, which meant that many of the houses were of very low quality and that they had little curb appeal. These days, however, the houses are much nicer and have more curb appeal. The homes range from a few thousand dollars up to two million, depending on the quality of the home and the neighborhood. St Louis, MO  information can be seen at this link.


Because there are so many homes available, the number of people looking for real estate in this area has also increased substantially. Some people like to live in these kinds of homes because they offer them easy access to the downtown area, but it’s important to understand that they are not in the center of the city. As mentioned above, the houses are all a bit of a distance away from the downtown area. In fact, when you travel to other parts of the country, you may notice that you have to drive all the way into town to visit some of the best restaurants and shopping areas. In the St. Charles area, you can enjoy some of these same amenities without having to travel. The area’s proximity to the downtown area is the reason it is one of the most desirable places to live in the St. Charles area. Click here to read about Why People Want to Move to Bridgeton, Missouri.



The real estate in this area is also quite diverse. You can find housing in single family homes, condominiums, or even apartments, as well as farms and ranches. Many of the residents are from the St. Charles area or its surrounding areas, and there are some large numbers of immigrants that make up a significant portion of the population in this area. Many of the residents are also involved in the various charitable activities in the area, such as the St. Charles Country Club, and the St. Charles Golf and Country Club. You will also find many clubs and sporting events in Brentwood, Missouri.

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