When you lose a key to your home there are several options to solving the problem. One is to make a new key and use it instead of your lost one. While this would fix the solution, there is the risk of having your lost key available to use on the door if found. For those who want more security, they can replace the door lock to their home. This is a secure option that can be done easily by a locksmith.

Rocket Locksmith provides locksmith services to residential buildings throughout St. Louis. We are a local company that cares about building a relationship with our customers. Because we are local, we can also respond to any of your locksmith needs quickly and efficiently. Here is a look at the importance of door lock replacements and how our services help.

When to Replace a Door Lock

Most people do not consider the situations that would call for a change of locks on their home. For the most part, locks can remain intact for years. However, there are many reasons it is important to update the locks and keys to your home. Here are several scenarios that will require your door lock to be replaced:

  • Wear and Tear: if a lock has gotten worn or rusty, it can be a serious weakness in your home security. These locks are much easier to pick and break. It is important to replace them before they malfunction or cause an issue to your security.
  • Break-Ins: If your home has been broken into, it is crucial to get the locks replaced. They could have been the point of failure and perhaps, the thief has a key into the home. Replacing the locks will ensure that your door is still a secure entry way.
  • Lost or Stolen Keys: If you have lost or had keys stolen, it is important to have your locks replaced immediately. The keys can be used to break into your home or even replicated so others have entry to your place.
  • New Tenant/Roommate: It is normal to take some precautions when there is a new tenant in the home. The old tenant could have also made another set of keys to the home and could gain entry at any time. Replacing the locks will make sure that any keys used by the previous tenant do not work.

Go Local For Your Locksmith Needs

Rocket Locksmith is local and available at all times to handle any of your locksmith needs. Before calling that 1-800 number, it is important to know that a local service person will give you the quickest response and the best quality for your locks. We aim to build long lasting relationships with our clients in St. Louis. As a local company, we value your safety and security.

Replace A Door Lock Today!

Is your door lock damaged and in need of replacement? Rocket Locksmith offers the best services in St. Louis to handle the problem. We also have a wide variety of services to keep your locks and keys in the best condition. If you would like to learn more about our services, be sure to contact us here or give us a call at 314.899.2469!