A broken key can be an incredible inconvenience. It can keep you from being able to get into your home or car. Almost nothing is worse than being locked out of your home or having your plans ruined because you can’t drive your car. In the worst case scenario, the key can break while in the lock or ignition. This can keep you from opening the door or starting the car even with another set of keys.

Rocket Locksmith provides the best residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith services in the nation. We have a number of services that can ensure that your locks and keys are always up to date. If your key breaks in your lock or ignition, we can provide you quick support to regain access to your home or vehicle. Learn more about our residential and automotive key extraction services.

Residential Key Extraction

Keys can wear down. While they may seem sturdy, through regular use and travel, they can become cracked or warped. At times, the damage can reach its limit while you are trying to open the door to your home. If this happens, the key will break within the lock and you’ll have no way into the home.

A locksmith will come and provide key extraction services to clear the lock of the broken pieces. They can get you back into your home, fix your lock and replace your key. If necessary, they can replace the entire lock and get you a new set of keys for your home.

Automotive Key Extraction

Car keys can experience the same type of damage as house keys. in this case, they break within the car’s ignition. In this case, you will be unable to start your vehicle and the ignition will have to be cleared to get it working again. Often, people look toward car repair services for this type of issue, but a locksmith may be a more cost-effective method.

Locksmiths can work with any type of lock and key. Key ignitions are no exception. We will arrive at your location and have the key removed and replaces for you. Your new key will even be programmed to your car. This can be a much cheaper method than calling a car repair person and getting the key replaced by the dealership.

Get Key Extraction Services From Rocket Locksmith

If you need a key extracted, Rocket Locksmith is here to provide you with the quickest response to your needs. Our professionals will get the key extracted and address any other locksmith questions you may have. If you need a broken key extracted from your lock or ignition, be sure to contact us here or give us a call at 314.899.2469!