St. Charles is a charming historic city full of fun things to do and see. Apart from its vast historical glamour, it beautifully boasts of having the most spectacular natural sceneries that have seen the city, welcoming visitors, across the globe every year. Here are the two most famous natural scenes in St. Charles. More can be found here.

River Missouri

There is no natural landmark spot that defines St. Charles better than River Missouri. History records that the city developed rapidly due to its riverfront location, where a lot of economic activities took place from farming to fishing. Over time, the riverbank transformed into a sparkling recreational bay full of outdoor activities and fun. For example, fishing has been transformed partly into a fun activity as opposed to how it was initially meant for real economic purpose. Learn more about St. Charles, MO Is A Den of Pets Fun.

River Mississippi

It is a long ride from the city center to the famous River Mississippi that equally offers the best entertaining activities someone can wish to have. Ferry services are here for those who want to cross to other cities with several ships and boats for visitors to enjoy water tours as well. There are human-made beaches along the river bank for recreational activities.

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