There are several ways to interact with nature in St. Charles. And while it prides in having vast water bodies for fun and entertainment, it features some lovely parks to enjoy the world’s green fun. Here are the parks to head to for exclusive recreational activities. More facts can be seen here.

August A Busch Memorial Conservation Center

This vast natural confinement preserves over 7,000 acres of tropical forest cover, including over 1,500 acres of prairie. Lakes within the park are open for fishing with other recreational activities like hiking and cycling. There are guided programs to train people who wish to fish with other additional interpretive displays for those who want to engage in shooting training. Learn more about St. Charles, MO Is A Shopping Savvy.

Katy Trail State Park

Katy trail is the longest in Missouri stretching further to the outer spots at the banks of Missouri River. Recreational activities in the park visitors can partake in include enjoying hikes, cycling, picnic sessions, and enjoying the vast green cover in the park.

Frontier Park

This is one of the most popular parks in town with lovely things to see, including the 15-foot statue of Lewis and Clark. A paved path for hiking and biking is on-site with ample space for community events. The park hosts several fun activities frequently.

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