St. Charles is an ever-busy city full of events and festivals throughout the year, with summer being the peak season. There is always something fun and entertaining, taking place in the town involving music, cultural activities, sports, and arts worth attending during summer holidays or spring. The best events and festivals for you and the kids include. See more here.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas tradition is an ancient festival that has been in place for nearly forty decades and runs through December holidays. It is a wonderful event for kids and adults to create cherished memories with sparkling décor in the city involving lights and unique clothing. It consists of a series of storytelling, fairy tale whimsy with visitors from all over the globe enjoying nostalgic experiences full of fantasy.  Read about St. Charles, MO Is Full of Entertainment Activities here.

Festival of The Little Hills

The Festival of the Little Hills is the largest in town in over two decades. This three-day-long event features over 300 craft booths with some exhibit displays by craftsmen and artisans. The event features numerous food and beverage booths for guests to taste different types of food and drinks, music and on-stage performances from famous dance troupes and local artists. Kids have unique spots for them full of entertainment and extraordinary fun things for them.

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