St. Charles is a vibrant city with ancient history and dynamic contemporary prowess. It prides itself on preserving its vital cultural heritage by having historic art displays with a blend of modern arts and culture. Arts and culture manifest themselves in the city in the following ways. Learn information about St Charles, MO.

Appreciating Contemporary Arts

Scheidegger’s Center for Arts and Community Theater are the spots visitors head to enjoy modern techniques. They feature shows with live performances and films on various cultural issues and skills. Music, dances, and Lindenwood productions are some of the best art shows within the centers you can enjoy while appreciating the sprawling talents of the city. It is also worth appreciating modern arts at most of the ancient buildings in town that have been restored in magnificent artistic structures. Click here to read about St. Charles, MO Is A Foodie’s Paradise.

Enjoying Ancient Arts

Art-lovers will find cultural exhibits at Foundry Art Center, Main Center, St. Peters Cultural Center, and O’Fallon Cultural Arts Center. Visitors to these sites will find ancient artifacts, antiques, and artistic drawings showing the cultural heritage of this ancient city, especially those to do with river heritage and commercial activities. Main Street St. Charles, especially the Historic District, has large and spectacular displays of artistic buildings visitors find amazing.

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