St. Charles is a charming historic city with beautiful, attractive landmarks and sites. It is the only city known for its historic architectural display at every corner. Downtown St. Charles is a sophistication of ancient buildings that have been renovated into new spectacular spots suitable for the history buffs. St Charles, MO can be seen here.

A Visit to First State Capitol

St. Charles was the first-ever capital city of Missouri as a whole before it was ripped off the status in the late 18th century. First State Capitol is the historic site where first Missouri legislators met to organize the county’s territorial management. Nearly all the rooms in the building complex have been restored with excellent modern furnishings to offer visitors an ancient glance of the governors’ residence and their offices. Click here to read about St. Charles, MO’s Contemporary Pride.

South Main Historic District

This ten-block section of the main street is Missouri’s most significant historic district and hosts more than fifty departmental shops, artisan and craft merchants, restaurants, hotels, and wineries. Landmark buildings here include the Newbill-McElhiney house and the Mother-In-Law House, which is believed to be the first double house in town. There are also other historic houses to see here with an amazing architectural display.  

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