Finding a city that offers everyone a fun challenge to keep them active throughout is not an easy task. St. Charles, however, has several entertaining and fun spots for everyone to engage in exciting, adventurous fun. Take a look at some of these spots and activities. Find further facts here.

Become a Detective at Escapology

At this facility, people work together in a team of between two to six people as detectives collecting and getting clues to enable the team to solve mysteries before finally freeing themselves outside a room. The whole process is timed, and participants have to beat time to allow them to escape the room. Read about Romantic Fun in St. Charles, MO here.

Engage in Different Games at Demolition Ball

The facility offers different unique games that involve hockey, football, basketball, and polo. It is fantastic to play here because it features games on bumper cars with sparkling colors and designs. It is a perfect place to come to for family reunions and birthday parties.

Escape Your Way Out of The Main

This is an adventurous facility involving escaping from a room with hidden clues and codes to help you find your way outside a room. It is quite challenging and fun, which makes it suitable for family fun.

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