Sugar Creek, MO is a small town in Clay and Jackson Counties in the state of Missouri. The population is 3,341 in the last 2020 census. It is located about five miles from downtown Kansas City. The main area is the south side of the town. The only major road to get to Sugar Creek is Highway 66. This area is one of the oldest in all of Kansas and it has been around since the 1800s. Information can be found here.


This city is also one of the first towns in Missouri to be incorporated. It was originally called Tarkington. This town is located on the south side of Clay. The town is located at a fork in the Missouri River. It is bordered by Clay City, Kansas, and Independence. You can find all of your needs and wants in this city. It offers everything from shopping to dining. See here for information about Work at a Mine in Wea.



Sugar Creek, Missouri has everything that you would expect from a city. You will have everything from the convenience of driving to the great entertainment and dining options. This town has everything that you can expect from a small town. It provides a great atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. There are several things to do in Sugar Creek, MO. The best thing is that this small town does not require you to drive very far to enjoy all of your needs. Take the time to explore Sugar Creek, MO, and you may find it just what you were looking for.

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