One of the most important benefits of Keypad door locks is they’re much safer than standard locks. If you own standard deadbolts, the only way a burglar could gain access to your property is for the lock to be picked. This leaves the door open to the chance of a burglar being able to gain entry without being detected, and often will allow them to take things of importance like cash and jewelry. It also leaves the door open for potential intruders to cut through your lock, opening the doors to break-ins. This risk can be greatly reduced with a Keypad lock, since it requires an extra push on the control open, meaning a burglar would be unable to pick the lock and gain entrance. Additionally, a Keypad lock does not require the same amount of effort as regular deadbolts pick. This means that even if the door is damaged or in need of repair, they won’t have to worry about breaking into your property. Further facts about St Charles, MO can be found here.


A Keypad lock is a great choice for any type of door, but is especially useful in homes that tend to experience a fair amount of crime or vandalism. For instance, a house with a garage usually doesn’t see a whole lot of traffic, which makes it a less likely target than a house that sees a good deal of traffic like the one in St. Charles. It’s not just people who live in homes with garages that should have these types of locks installed. Many businesses also have their doors installed with these types of locks because they’re a lot easier to install than a standard deadbolt. If a business needs a quick and easy solution to a lock problem or is looking for ways to increase their security, a lock such as a Keypad can be a great way to accomplish both. Discover facts about Reasons to Choose St. Charles, MO Door Locks For Security.


Whether you live in St. Charles, Missouri or are moving there, having a lock installed at your door can be very beneficial. If you’ve never seen one before, they’re pretty easy to use. Once you do, however, they can become an integral part of your security system. By choosing a lock from one of the many local locksmiths available, you can ensure that your home and its occupants are keeping safe.

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