Kinloch, Missouri, USA is situated between the Cedar River and the Mississippi River and is located in the central portion of the state. Kinloch was originally a village of settlers in the early 1800s and has been named for the town of Kinloch, Minnesota. This town became known to the rest of the world when a movie entitled “The Lost Boys” was made about a group of boys who were stranded in this small community. This movie has been seen in many countries and is still popular in many countries today. Learn more facts here.


Kinloch has been named after the town of Kinloch, Minnesota, where the movie was filmed. Kinloch itself is approximately seven miles long, but it has only a few miles of roads that connect it to its surrounding areas. It is important to note that this town is completely dependent upon the large lumber industry, because of the abundance of trees in this area. There are no major ports here, which means that the only way to get products to this small town is by the road or railroad. Because of this, it is very difficult to get supplies to the area, especially when the weather is poor. There are not enough roads to get goods to the area in order to make any type of money in this part of the country. Read about  The Heart of Missouri – Kirkwood, Missouri here.



Because of this, it is easy to understand why people would consider settling in Kinloch. It is home to a large amount of lumber that is used to build homes and businesses in this community. There are many types of houses available in this community, and most of them are built on the river. They are built on the shore so that they will be able to dry out on a rainy day. Because of this, there is always a steady flow of water flowing through the streets of this small town. One of the main reasons that people have settled in this part of the state is because of the abundance of the water supply from the river. It is also a great place for families to get away from it all.

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