What to do in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is a one of a kind place that offers a wide variety of activities. It has plenty of natural beauty and a rich history. Plus, the local people are welcoming to new faces. Learn more here.

Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo houses over six hundred different species of wildlife from all over the globe. This is a kid friendly venue that is free to the public. Animal encounters can be booked. Guided tours provide insight to the numerous animal exhibits in the park. Learn more about Budget Friendly Things to do in St. Louis, Missouri.

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch is what the city is most known for. The six hundred thirty foot arch is not only beautiful, but it is a work of art. It is the best place to view the city. Visitors can ride to the top of the arch. The arch is an unforgettable monument worth visiting. 

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Visitors can view the point where the infamous Lewis and Clark set out on their epic adventure to explore the new world. A paddleboat replica from the nineteenth century is available for rides. The historic roots of the nation run deep in St. Louis.