For pro-conservation people, St Louis offers great opportunities to learn and take part in environmental conservation practices. There are many environment-themed parks set up by the government as well as private investors within the city. Although some of these parks offer free admission, some charge little amounts of money to help cater for the management of the parks. Here are some popular environment-themed parks you might want to visit during your stay in St Louis. Further facts about St. Louis, MO can be found here.

The Missouri Botanical Garden

For over 150 years, the Missouri Botanical Garden has been a preferred destination for many environmentalists. The garden is considered one of the most popular public gardens in the world. Enjoy a serene environment as you learn about different types of plants and how to conserve the endangered species. Information about Popular Individual Sports in St Louis can be found here. 

Saint Louis Zoo

Enjoy a unique interaction with rare animal species on an afternoon in the famous Saint Louis Zoo in Forest Park. The zoo is open for individual and group trips throughout the year. Enjoy breathtaking sceneries tours in the beautiful botanical gardens and animal exhibit areas.

Sophia M Sachs Butterfly House

The Butterfly House in Faust Park offers a great experience to visitors who want to learn as well as admire the butterflies. At the house, you will see and learn about different species of butterflies including the endangered ones.