One of the best ways to learn about the culture of people is through music. If you are visiting St Louis, you need to attend some of the musical events that take place to learn more about the people. Although the genres of might music vary from one event to another, the energy within people in the event is a representation of who they truly are. Here are some of the popular musical events that happen in St Louis. Learn more here.

1860 Saloon Blues

1860 is a vintage saloon with a vintage bar and wooden floor located in downtown. The saloon holds a total of five blues musical events every week. If you are a fan of blues, then the 1860 saloon is your preferred destination. See here for information about Top Food Festivals in St Louis.

Atomic Cowboy

The Atomic Cowboy is a fun club with a concert venue where different genres of music are played by live bands. The tickets to events held at the Atomic Cowboy range between 5-10 dollars. The genres played by bands at the events include Roots, Americana, Alt Rock, Folk Rock, and Rock.

Broadway Oyster Bar

Get treated to amazing performances in Reggae, R&B, Soul, and other genres of live music at the Broadway Oyster Bar. Located in Downtown neighborhood, the institution has been providing sensational musical events for over 40 years.