Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you can’t place your valuable items easily at your house? You may be thinking that you might have accidentally misplaced it but, in most cases, there are burglars who have the ability to steal these precious items under your nose without you having any idea. In this dangerous world, there are smart and savvy burglars who break into houses easily, leaving no noticeable traces. Here are some of the simple signs that you need to observe if you think that your house has been targeted or intruded on. 

Cracked light bulbs 

This can always be the first sign of a target at your house. Broken bulbs make it easier for burglars to target a house without drawing any attention to their actions. Well since burglars love to work when it’s dark, its best you pay attention to sufficient lighting at your porch along with sensor lights.

Someone takes a picture and simply walks away 

Pictures are the best means to record a person’s daily whereabouts and have always benefited burglars in their operations. You need to be vigilant in your neighborhood in case you observe a person walking back and forth with a camera. Make an effort to keep records of these behaviors in your neighborhood and also notify law enforcement if something suspicious occurs. 

Your key would no longer open the doors

If your keys are not able to unlock the doors, then it’s an implied sign that your locks have been tampered with. The best step here would be to introduce new and stronger locks for your house. Also, make sure to check your windows or other sneaky places that the burglars might use to break-in. Fresh nicks around the keyholes are also a sign that someone tried to use force to gain entry to your house.

Flyers or stickers 

We all understand that seeing numerous flyers or stickers stuck at your door can be annoying but at the same time, they can be dangerous. In most cases, burglars stick these flyers as a green indication for their other thief partners to basically indicate that the particular house is not guarded and can be easily intruded into. It is best to remove these flyers or stickers in a timely manner and secure your house every time you go out. 

New marks on your carpets or tiles 

New flecks of mud on your carpet or tiles can always be a sign that someone uninvited was at the house. If these marks do not belong to your shoes in the wardrobe, then chances are strong that someone had an intention to break-in. It is best to be alert and make sure to observe the unwelcomed guests around in your neighborhood.

To make sure that your loved ones are safe and secure at your house, its time you introduce a monitored home security system. Connect with Rocket Locksmith for more information and also acquire efficient locksmith services in the market.