While many businesses and commercial building use the master key system, many people do not understand how it works or why it is needed. At the heart of it, the master key system is not as complex as might believe.

At Rocket Locksmith, we aim to help residents of St Louis, Kansas City, and Weston, Florida keep their homes, offices, and cars safe and secure. Additionally, we aim to provide useful information to help residents better understand what we do in a transparent manner. To further achieve the latter goal, let us explain how the master key system works.

Master Key Systems: Types of Access

In short, there are three types of keys involved in the master key system: changes keys, the master key, and the grand master key. We have outlined the purpose of each below.

  • Change Key: This key is the most basic of the three, and it only unlocks one lock, or multiple locks that are the same set.
  • Master Key: While the change key can only unlock one lock type, the master key has the ability to open multiple locks, even if the mechanism is different. In some master key systems, this is the highest ranking key. This is sometimes shortened to “MK” for master key.
  • Grand Master Key: Some master key systems are tied to one another, requiring a grand master key to unlock each of the master keys systems. These keys are often shortened to “GMK” for grad master key and are often found in large commercial office buildings.

When is the Master Key System Used?

As you can imagine, the master key system is used almost exclusively in commercial office buildings. In some cases where the commercial office building is large, multiple master key systems are required with a grand master key.

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