Even though we welcome our guests inside the house through the front door, but in most cases, the front door is always chosen to be an entry point by unwanted burglars. Most of the home break-ins happen through the means of the front door, which has numerous vulnerable points. Apart from hiring a professional to get your security checked, you can follow some easy steps to improve your front door security:

Upgrade your locks 

The lock which you use for the purpose of securing your house plays a very significant role. Without knowing the function of your lock, you will never understand your front door security or how security is essential. If your lock has flaws, it can easily be exploited by burglars, creating a risk for your security. Make sure that you use strong metal locks because stronger the metal, the more force it will endure. 

Burglars often try to pick the lock, bump it or drill it to get past the lock cylinder. That’s why it is best to choose the correct lock and hardware to improve the security of your front door. 

Install a wide-angle peephole 

This will enable you to have a larger scale screening of your unexpected visitors. This wide-angle peephole viewer is always an easy-to-install security accessory which can be designed to fit any door up to 2 inches thick. 

Install a metal or a solid entrance door 

Homes that are built with hollow-core front doors are always vulnerable to burglar attacks. These doors cannot stand in front of metal doors or solid doors. These can be a bit expensive but are worth the investment as compared to the hollow core doors. 

Use a strike plate 

These are additional pieces of metal meant to hold the lock bolt in place and also reinforce the overall security of your lock. Make sure that it is properly connected with long screws to the door jamb and the attached door frame. 

Install door hinges that face inward 

Hinges are also one of the parts which are vulnerable to break-ins. It is best for you to make use of inward-facing hinges that are inaccessible to a criminal who is trying hard to break in. Other features that you can use on these hinges include 3-inch set screws, enhanced security studs, and corrugated pins. 

Install motion sensor lights or security cameras

This can be considered as the last and the most vital security step which you can undertake to secure your front door. The lighting always plays the role of scaring away the burglars before they even get close to the door. The presence of a camera will always make sure that they don’t attack as they definitely will get caught either by you or by the police later. 

All the above mentioned ideas should be considered if you are planning to improve the security of your front door. If you want more information on security tips or are in search of a professional, connect with Rocket Locksmith where we offer the most cost-effective and efficient security services.