There are numerous diverse things which you must keep in mind when you move to a new house. You must make sure that all the boxes are safely packed, that you’ve informed the gas and electricity agency that you’re moving and that you’ve paid the correct price for your new house. There’s so much to think about in fact, that it can be very simple to overlook one of the most vital things about preparing your house for a move, i.e. security. 

Connecting with a local professional locksmith to efficiently change the locks in your new house is noteworthy when it comes to making sure that your house is secure for you and your loved ones. Here are some reasons why you must always change the locks of your new house:

  1. Only you’ll have the keys to your house 

When it comes to making sure that you’re ready for a fast and simple move, there are certain things more noteworthy that ensuring your house is safe. While it’s unlikely that someone might come back to your house and break in with their set of keys while you’re at work, but you never know whom your house’s previous homeowner gave their house keys too. Changing the locks is the only means to make sure that you’re the only individual with the keys to the house.

  1. Improved security 

There’s nothing more relaxing than knowing that you have a house that is completely secure from intruders. If you’re moving into a property that’s been around for a long time, however, there’s a good chance that your current locks are a little outdated. Improving the security of your house with a new set of locks is the best opportunity to make sure that you have the finest security on the market. 

  1. Better peace of mind 

This is a great advantage that one gets after installing new locks for the house on moving in with the family. While there are numerous things that can help to make your new house more appealing, there’s nothing that works more perfectly than working with a professional locksmith to make sure that your new house is protected. 

For perfect peace of mind, the best and the most economical option for new homeowners is to rekey all the locks in your new house. 

  1. Remote locks also need to be updated 

Remote garage door openers also pose security risks to new homeowners. Updating the frequency code on the remote door opener is as vital as changing the keys to your house. It is a simple procedure where the instructions on how to do the change are listed on the opener itself.


By changing your locks and upgrading them to more effective locks, you will have a piece of mind that you know exactly who has access to your property and upgraded house security measures are vital so that you and your family can feel a lot safer in the new house. If you’re moving to a new house and require changing of locks or require a lock upgrade, then connect with Rocket Locksmith.