No one ever desires to comprehend the chances of a potential break-in and the consequences it causes for your valuable possessions and property. To save yourself that such a headache, it is best to install an effective commercial safe available in the market at your place for enhanced security. But when it comes to buying a safe, there are certain important factors that need to be kept in mind. 

Storage capacity 

Your safe should always have adequate storage capacity for essentials including vital documents, keys, jewelry, gold, etc. Make sure that you always go for a safe which can accommodate most of your essential items. 

UL Rating 

In this context, UL stands for Underwriter’s Laboratory and its rating acts as the governing body for security ratings. It concerns both fire safety and burglary safety, so make sure that you have a look at it before choosing one for your valuables.  

Fire protection 

To make your investment worth, always check out the fire ratings on the safe. The rating on the safe indicates its ability to protect items from fire or other heat dangers. When you are buying, always check the ETL verification and the potential time period of safety which can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Every safe installed by Rocket Locksmith meets the highest fire protection standards. 


Product warranty on a safe is one of the most significant aspects of purchasing one. When it comes to huge houses and offices, it is prudent to go for a lifetime warranty. Having a warranty for your safe will always let you have peace of mind if somehow it gets damaged due to regular wear and tear. Selecting a commercial safe that has an adequate warranty is a significant part of the business safe selection. 

Burglar rating 

Burglar rating indicates the protection of your assets from burglary and other break-ins including efforts to physically damage the locking system or safe frame. The rating includes “B-rate safe” which is a safe with a four-inch body and is the most vulnerable choice, then comes “C-rate safe” which has a half-inch body and has a hard plate with a relocking mechanism. The one which we recommend is “TL-30X6 Rate”, as it is the strongest in the market and the burglar would require more than 30 minutes to break into this safe.   


This is an important step which you should keep in mind while buying a safe. Once the correct one is selected, next you need to consider is the kind of lock. Numerous locks are available in the market that comes separately from the safe. This is the position where a professional comes into the picture who can effectively assist you in the entire procedure. 

A professional like us, Rocket Locksmith can enable you to determine the accurate position to place the new safe. We have adequate experience and are sure to benefit you in purchasing and installing the safe that will keep all your commercial assets safe and secure from sassy burglars.