If you live in a region of the world where you are going to be experiencing all of the conditions of the seasons, you should be prepared for any situation involving these occurrences. For instance, we all know to carry an extra reusable bottle during the blistering summer days. We even understand the importance of layering during the colder months, especially when you live in a state like Missouri. However, not everyone comprehends the preparation needed to simplify your life during these rather strenuous moments.

People don’t seem to realize the cold weather can actually freeze parts of your car, making it nearly impossible to enter. This problem is only extrapolated when it starts to rain, snow, or even hail. Thankfully, St. Louis, Kansas City, and St. Charles are in the presence of a locksmith capable of helping you out for an affordably low price. Rocket Locksmith has been a community associate for years because of our dedication to helping people in need. Contact us now if you have any questions about our other services or if you are in an emergency right now.

What is a Frozen Car Door?

You may be familiar with freezing happening to a list of your belongings. For instance, living in the state of Missouri, the temperature can reach well below the freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, you experience bouts of rain and snow throughout the winter months, which means the liquid can stick to your car and other parts of it. When you combine these two factors you have a higher likelihood of not only your car door freezing shut, but also your locks, handles, windows, and even engine. Trying to use brute force to open these compartments can actually cause more damage to your car, which can be easily avoided if you just follow the right tips to warm these parts of your car.

For instance, forcefully pulling on your door handle can lead you to pulling it out of place once the ice gives or it can completely be ripped off, which can cause thousands of dollars to fix. Additionally, people will continuously try to push the down button on their window because they think it will eventually roll down, but this can just overwork the motor controlling it and cause it to blow. Despite it being some flimsy form of ice, it can still do major damage if you are unprepared.

getting into frozen car

Avoiding a Frozen Car Door

There are many ways to prevent your car components from freezing, however, most include you living in an area with these amenities. The best method to use to prevent freezing is to keep it in an area where liquid won’t come in contact with it, like a garage or an overhead ceiling. This will massively reduce the chance of liquid getting into unwanted locations, but not everyone can afford or use this. You can always use a car cover to assist you, but this may be more expensive than what you feel comfortable spending. Altogether, avoiding weather conditions is the most powerful strategy, but you may not be able to pull this off which is why we provide people with information to unfreeze their car door themselves.

Unfreeze Car Door

Unfreezing a car door may be the last thing you want to, especially if you are in a rush. But, you can’t drive to work with snow and ice blocking your vision. This is not only dangerous for you and those around you, but you can be fined and possibly arrested were a cop to see you driving so recklessly. Thankfully, there are some natural ways you can unfreeze your car door, locks and even defrost your windshield.

Firstly, you need to establish there is no way of entering your car; look at all the locks and where the ice has accumulated. Once you’ve established the inaccessibility then you should head to the driver door and see if your key can be inserted. Don’t force the lock to move because this may just break your key. Try warming up the lock by using a hairdryer or holding the key with tongs and using a lighter to warm up the key; don’t do this with plastic-handled keys, though.

You can also try coating your key in vaseline or petroleum jelly and gently shimmying the key around until the ice on the lock starts to melt. Although, you will want to wash this off before you put it in the ignition because this may cause damage to this component, which can be repaired if you do forget about this step. Pushing the door in is another method people utilize to try and crack the ice apart. One popular strategy most people perform is pouring hot water on their windshield or door, but if the water is too hot it can shatter your windshield. Thankfully, if you don’t have the appropriate tools, or the know-how to accomplish this, you can always call a professional locksmith.

Affordable Locksmiths Nearby

Before you even decide to call a locksmith, you want to make sure you are making the right choice. Choosing a locksmith in the surrounding area will ensure you don’t have to wait long and you will also be supporting a local business. However, one of the biggest factors for people calling a locksmith is how much it will cost. At Rocket Locksmith, the dispatch fee is only 19 dollars, but you will need to pay more depending on the situation you are in.

Most emergency car unlockings from a frozen car door range from 25 to 100 dollars, but it will most likely cost you a simple 25 dollars because of how little work will be needed. Although, if you accidentally broke your key in the lock then you can always use our key cutting machines to get you a replacement right away and have it cost less than what a car dealership will offer; anywhere from 85 to 350 dollars. However, this includes smart keys and doesn’t actually needed to be inserted into the port to turn the car on.

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A frozen car door may be a major hindrance, but it shouldn’t be. There are all kinds of methods you can utilize to help you out of this bind, but if you don’t know what to do or you realize nothing is working then you should consult a locksmith. Rocket Locksmith have been able to help a variety of communities with their problems, which is why we know how to handle any challenge you throw at us. Our fully stocked van ensures we never have to run back to the office and can solve your problem right away. Contact Rocket Locksmith for more information on our treatment options or if you are in need of our assistance today.