St. Charles is Sprawling city full of history with several veteran memorial sites in remembrance of ancient soldiers.  History buffs, especially those with a keen interest in learning about civil wars, have many spots to explore and learn about the city from a war perspective. Take a visit to these famous veteran memorial sites for deeper understanding of the rich history surrounding the city. Learn more here.

St. Charles Veterans Memorial

It is located at Bishop’s landing near the Lewis and Clark Boathouse and features a monument with a water feature and a reflecting pool to spice fun at the site. Walking trails are in the park to enjoy other historic buildings around. Learn more about Best and Popular Bars in St. Charles, MO.

O’Fallon Veterans Memorial Walk

This memorial site features a platoon of a cast like bronze boots placed in a replica way of marching soldiers. It features extensive tracts of walking trails to enjoy the fantastic scenery of the veterans’ graves and monuments.

St Peters Veterans Memorial Park

This memorial site is home to war veterans who died in Vietnam and Korean wars. It hosts more than one thousand bricks listing Missouri residents who died in Vietnam. The city’s authority has rededicated valuable stones marking famous battles here.

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