Grain Valley, MO is a small town in Jackson County, Missouri. The town has about 11,000 residents and is home to approximately 7 Fortune 500 companies. The population of Grain Valley, MO is about 12,000 at this time and is estimated to be around 14,500 in coming years. Grain Valley, MO is situated in the southern part of the metro area and is located about thirty-five miles north of Kansas City, MO. It is about twenty-three miles north of Kansas City and twelve miles south of Lawrence. There are also six grain elevators located within the area. Grain Valley, MO is the fifth largest agricultural community in the state of Missouri and the second largest in the Midwest. Learn information about Kansas City, MO here.


Grain Valley, MO is considered to be one of the fastest growing areas in the area. The agricultural growth rates are expected to continue to increase over the next several decades as large corporations relocate to this area and more businesses and individuals make the move into the area. There are approximately twelve Fortune 500 companies based in the area currently and several more are in planning stages. The area is expected to become even more populated as the population increases. See here for information about An Introduction to Grandview.



Grain Valley, MO is located within the city limits of Kansas. There are also several restaurants in the area to provide residents and visitors with a wide range of food and beverages. In addition to being a popular shopping and eating destination, it is also home to many restaurants that serve cuisine from all over the world. Residents have access to many restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. This makes the city an excellent place for business and residents. It also provides residents with convenient access to major highways and shopping centers.

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