The locks keeping your rooms, home, car, and even commercial property safe need to retain their durability and security. However, when even the slightest problem occurs, many think they should just replace the whole hatch⁠; some even go as far as changing the whole door. Although, this type of thinking will not only waste your time, but an unreasonable amount of money on something you can easily fix without too much work needing to be done. What most reputable locksmiths and professionals who care about you, instead of making a profit, would recommend you rekeying your locks.

This process isn’t a well-known method people are aware of, particularly because it’s not a hot topic to talk about. Despite this, rekeying can be one of your best options to choose from since it doesn’t need you to completely replace everything. Rocket Locksmith understands the need for security but also comprehends people constantly changing homes and workplaces. This is why we offer such reasonable rates for our exceptional rekeying services. Contact us now if you have any other questions regarding what we will do or if you want to start the process now.

What Does Rekey Mean?

The process of rekeying doesn’t require you to acquire mounds and mounds of tools to accomplish this. Particularly because the people who do this are typically locksmiths. While you will be saving money by not buying a completely new lock and key, you will notice a shift in the parts within the actual lock. Despite us using the same lock you originally had, we are going to change around the pins and other related mechanics needing alteration.

These pins are miniscule, which is why you should trust locksmiths, like Rocket Locksmith, to accomplish this. They can actually reach as small as .0025 of an inch, which is also the typical size. We will completely change out all these parts so the lock will basically be brand new, but the same tool you had before. However, you will need to get a new key to open this lock because of the new combination. Thankfully, we can provide you with this assistance so you don’t need to pay overpriced rates from other locations nor travel to a new destination.

When To Rekey Your Locks?

Since not everyone understands what rekeying is, a lot of people will just change their locks during certain situations. However, rekeying your locks will be cheaper and less work than having to completely change all of your locks. The perfect times to rekey your locks is when someone moves out of your home or you move into a new place, an employee quits or is fired, you lost a copy of your key, or are just worried people may break into your property.

You’ll be able to completely change the pins and combo required to get in and avoid any of the hardships of having a disgruntled person charging into your home or an intruder trying to break the law. You are always welcome to attempt to do this yourself but high-quality kits can cost you as much as 250 dollars, which is as much as the priciest option from a professional and experienced locksmith. Thankfully, Rocket Locksmith offers rates varying from 27 dollars to 250 dollars. However, there may be times where changing your locks will be more beneficial than rekeying your security system.

Cheaper to Rekey or Change Locks?

Despite rekeying being an incredibly beneficial service to utilize, there are certain situations where a rekeying just won’t work or will be impossible to successfully accomplish. For instance, you might have moved into a new property and noticed the handles and locks are discolored, as well as rusted. These will make it easier for people to pick the locks or even just break the seal. Bolts like this have degraded so much there is no point to try and improve it.

Getting new locks will not only ensure you have a more secure home and property, but they will look much nicer than the original. Additionally, it might be best to change them with newer and more secure locks because you may not know how old these original parts are. Rekeying does have the power to fix this, but you won’t know until you call Rocket Locksmith for them to examine what is happening for a low price of 19 dollars. Ultimately, it’s up to what you want, but it truly falls down to the quality of the handle itself.

Contact Rocket Locksmith Today for Affordable Rekeying!

If you notice your key and lock is having problems, don’t immediately go to a home improvement store to buy a new lock. You may actually be wasting money if you do this, which is why it’s best to call Rocket Locksmith to provide you with the assistance you need. Driving to your exact location with a van fully stocked with the latest and best equipment we will carefully examine what work needs to be done. From there, we will decide to either rekey your lock or install a brand new and upgraded version. Contact us now if you have any questions about these services or are in need of an emergency unlocking at any time of the day.