As an office grows, there are more and more rooms and levels of seniority. For some, it means there are more and more keys to test on a door before getting it open. This can be incredibly troublesome and take minutes every time you want to get into a storage closet. Fortunately, commercial buildings can utilize master key systems to reduce the number of keys they have to carry.

Rocket Locksmith is a family-owned business based in St. Louis, Missouri. Our focus is to provide St. Louis locals with the best automotive, home, and commercial locksmith services. Because we work within the city, we are able to provide the quickest response for any locksmith needs. Here is a look at our commercial services and a master key system for your building.

How Does the Master Key System Work?

A Master Key System is a system that allows a lock to be opened by two or more keys. These systems make it convenient for large institutions to provide the proper amount of access to each employee. Any room with restricted access will only grant access to those with the appropriate key. The system often uses pin tumbler locks and master wafer/pins to work.

The end result is a more convenient way to access gain entry to every lock in the building. In an institution with restricted access to rooms, those who have access to the room will have the right key to unlock the door. This is also convenient for a property manager. Each tenant will have an individual key for their place while the property manager has a key that works on the entire building.

Services From Locals at Rocket Locksmith

If you are in St. Louis or your building is in the area, you can take advantage of Rocket Locksmith for all your locksmith needs. We can equip your building with a master key system to improve the convenience of your building. On top of that, we offer a wide range of services to improve safety and security in your building.

Commercial buildings can take advantage of our services to get panic bars or keyless lock systems. We aim to provide your building with the solutions that will benefit the convenience and safety of the people and equipment within the building. Best of all, we are a local business that can always respond to your needs.

Get A Master Key For Your Building

If you find yourself fumbling through keys to open doors to your office, it’s time to get in contact with Rocket Locksmith. We can provide you with a master key system to give the right person access to rooms they need to get into. If you would like to learn more about our services, be sure to contact us here or give us a call at 314.899.2469!