When You Need to Replace Your Key Fob

As a 24-hour locksmith that also specializes in automotive locksmith, we at Rocket Locksmith understand how overwhelming it is when you can’t get into your vehicle. If your key fob isn’t working properly, we can be at your rescue. To prevent you from potential car lockout, we’ve outlined signs that call for key fob replacement. More can be found here.

Poor Signal

If you notice reduced signal strength, then it’s high time you replaced your key fob. A key fob should work strong up to 50 feet away, and if it doesn’t, then the battery is wearing down and need to be replaced. Learn more about When Do I Need to Call A Locksmith for Lock Repair in St Charles, MO.


A key fob is designed to work consistently. If there’s no consistency, then a professional locksmith can replace the battery or help you get a brand new one that will work effectively. 

Your Vehicle Doesn’t Open Even with Multiple Clicks

If you have to press the key fob’s button numerous times, then you must replace it. Having to click the key fob multiple times creates a hassle that can be annoying. It’s important to get a replacement within the shortest time possible.

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