Where Can I Copy a Key?

Now, you may be wondering where you can copy a key and this may not seem like the biggest decision requiring critical thinking, but you still need to make sure you see the right person when you are getting a key copied. For instance, they type of key can be a huge influence in whether the place down the street can make you a duplicate, which is why it’s crucial you understand what it takes to get a key copied. Now, we don’t want to bore you with all the logistics of how to copy these keys and the intricacies to accomplish these jobs, but we will do our best to share knowledge on picking the best place to copy your keys.

Rocket Locksmith doesn’t want you to pick the wrong person and then have to call us because your key snapped off in your house’s door lock in the middle of the night. This can obviously be a distressing situation to be placed in, which is why you should do your best to prepare for this situation before it happens. Contact us if you have any questions on what we can do or if you know you need 24-hour service now.

Places Copying Keys

Now, there are going to be many places claiming they can copy your keys for you, but it’s important to pick out the differences between the ones who have a vague understanding and those who are specially trained to handle these situations. For instance, many handymen will claim they know how to make you a new key matching fresh locks they installed, but a lot of the times they don’t know the precise directions to get this accomplished. This can cause keys to get sticky or locks to jam out while you are trying to use them.

Although, you may be wondering about the home improvement store down the street who claim they can copy your keys. However—once again—it’s important to mention these people aren’t specifically trained in handling these affairs. They aren’t going to be able to copy all the same keys locksmiths can duplicate and this is no fault of these other businesses, but reputable locksmiths are going to be aware of all of the kinds of keys out there and equipment needed to assist people in all kinds of situations.

Where Can I Get a Key Copied Near Me?

One of the perks of seeing a locksmith over these other resources is the fact we have an extensive knowledge of all of the keys out there, the equipment needed to make them, and the exact specifications to make them as official as the original. It doesn’t matter if it’s a key claiming to “Do Not Duplicate”, a key with a certain patent, or even a car key with a transponder, we will be able to create a solution to fix all of your problems.

Rocket Locksmith started off as a small business helping people in the nearby communities of St. Louis needing assistance with their keys and locks. Since then, we have expanded locksmith locations in other cities of Missouri and even down south in Weston, Florida. Being able to see such a wide variety of different scenarios has what helped us excel in being able to duplicate any key you present to us, as well as a variety of other services you may need after and before you get a new key made.

Other Available Locksmith Services

One of our most proud features Rocket Locksmith has to provide is the fact we will come to your exact location for a small dispatch fee of 19 dollars; drastically lower than the average minimum of 75 dollars other locksmiths charge just for them. We’ll not only arrive in a timely manner but will examine the situation to formulate the most reasonable and fastest solution for you.

This can be as simple as extracting your broken key and making a duplicate from these parts, but can also extend to other areas if you want to make sure your home is completely secured. For instance, if we are already making you a new key, you should consider checking out rekeying your locks or installing completely new systems. This will ensure you have a fresh set of tools to use you know won’t malfunction and can all be done in one affordable trip.


Like we said above, we know there are plenty of other solutions needed for vehicles, other than simply regaining access to your automobile. At Rocket Locksmith, we can replace the locks in your vehicle, remove broken keys, and even provide you with new transponder key chips—for less than dealership rates. Plus, we offer key reflashing for Toyota and Lexus models. View our automotive services page to learn more.


Seeing as home security is a bit more concerning than that of your vehicle, we also offer a great deal of residential locksmith services. While we can provide simple solutions like replacing locks, we do a little more. Check out the list of services below for St. Louis, Charleston, Kansas City, MO and Weston, FL residents:

  • Lock Rekeying
  • New Keys
  • Window, Garage, & Mailbox Lock Opening & Replacement
  • High-Security Deadbolts/Mortise Lock Installation
  • Door Viewer Installation (Peephole)
  • Knobs, Cylinder Locks, & Sliding Glass Door Repair


In addition to our residential and automotive services, we also offer some necessary commercial locksmith solutions. As with homes and residential spaces, commercial buildings require proper security, and we offer just that. Whether you need new locks or advanced security measures, we have you covered. Take a look at our services:

  • Mortise, Magnetic, & High-Security Lock Repair & Installation
  • Lock Rekeying
  • Electric Strikes and Continuous Hinges Installation
  • Provision of Restricted Keys
  • Panic Bars, Electric Door Release System, & Exit Alarm Lock Installation
  • File Cabinet Lock Opening, Repair, & Installation

Contact Rocket Locksmith Today to Copy a Key!

Altogether, there is no reason to resort to low-quality work when you can exceptional care done at a reasonable price. Rocket Locksmith wants to assure people you will be paying an affordable rate when you get work with us because we’ll even be completely transparent about the work we do and why it costs as much as it does. We don’t want you to feel you can’t trust us, which is why we go above and beyond to make you comfortable. Contact us soon if you think you are in need of our assistance or need to use our 24-hour service now.