There’s nothing more embarrassing or frustrating than realizing you lost your key and need to find a way to get back into your home. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should always have a spare key handy in case something like this happens again. Sure, you can hope your partner or landlord will be available to help you but this can be hours before they get to you. Thankfully, there are places who are willing to make you a spare key at a reasonable price so you never have to pay an asinine amount of money for something so crucial to your daily life.

Many locksmiths say they want to help you and provide you with reasonable rates, but not all of them are telling the truth. Most will just try an charge you more for the most simple of tasks, but this is something we actively avoid here at Rocket Locksmith. We understand the problems people face on a daily basis, which is why we do our best to ensure you get the best service for the most affordable prices. Contact us now if you have any more questions about what we can do or if you want to schedule an appointment with us for an examination of your security system.

Reasons to Copy a Key

It doesn’t matter if the key is for your car, home or commercial building, you should always have a spare key for you to use in case the original is misplaced. The last thing you should have to experience is being forced to wait during strenuous or disastrous weather hazards, especially since you live in particularly moody cities in Missouri. Having a spare key will allow you to immediately get to your location without the need of having to wait for someone to show up.

Additionally, you will be able to share these extra tools with people who will need them. You won’t have to be the direct person they go to in order to get into the business location or even borrow the car during important events. However, the biggest way a spare key will make your life better is the fact you will save money and time in the long-run. You will be able to instantly make a spare key because this is the only copy of the original key and you will also have to avoid the need of calling an emergency locksmith to come to your destination at 2 in the morning.

Is Copying a Key Expensive?

Now, one of the main worries people have when it comes to making a spare key is the cost of it all. However, the price of making the key may vary in price depending on where you go. Sure, you can go to a home improvement store to get this job done, but they are most likely going to give you a shoddy product since they don’t specialize in making keys and fortified locking system. Most of the problems occurring from home improvement stores are the fact they don’t have the right equipment and also repeatedly use copies upon copies upon copies of keys to make your new spare. This leads to faulty gaps and angles within your newly purchased spare.

However, seeing a professional locksmith will allow you to receive a durably made key. It will be beautifully crafted so you will never have any problems when trying to unlock your car, home or business. Thankfully, Rocket Locksmith also has an average price of around 50 dollars for making you a new key. However, the exact range can vary between 27 to 350 dollars, but this also includes making keyless unlocking tools.

Automated Key Machine Near Me

Now, working with a professional locksmithing company ensures you are being given a tool made from state-of-the-art equipment. Being located in St. Louis, St. Charles, and Kansas City, Missouri, and Weston, Florida, we have been able to help people in a variety of different communities with our exceptional automated key making machines. However, our experienced team still gets their hands dirty to make sure the key is properly and precisely crafted.

Contact Rocket Locksmith Today to Copy Your Key!

Making a copy of your key can be a pretty simple activity to do, but you need to make sure you see a qualified person to accomplish this. Rocket Locksmith will ensure you receive a high-quality product capable of being almost impossible to degrade or break off. However, one of the best aspects of working with Rocket Locksmith is the fact we will come at any time of the day so you are never left in a dangerous or unknown area longer than you should. Contact us now if you want to learn more about our other services or if you want to schedule a time for us to examine your locks.