There are so many places who claim they can make you a duplicate of your keys. You may have noticed little booths in parking lots or in random places throughout the city, which means they have an understanding of keys. Most are also locksmiths too, which means they specifically studied how to make the best keys from the original. However, with so many options to choose from it can be hard to distinguish who you should see.

Most people who own cars are always told to go to a car dealership, but this can cost you as much as 1,000 dollars which isn’t the most viable option for a majority of people. Rocket Locksmith wants to make sure everyone can acquire the tools they need to get through their day. This is why we have devoted so much time to harnessing skills and studying various situations, which has only improved our mastery of this craft. Contact us now if you have any more questions about our process or want your locks examined soon.

Why Get Extra Keys Made?

There are many reasons as to why you should get extra keys made. For one, it avoids the frustration of being locked out of your home, car, or place of work. You can place it in a secret location or share them with people you trust. They will then be able to come to you to provide assistance. However, they may not always be there, which is why having a spare key for yourself in a secure location will be the best course of action.

Were you to be locked out of your property, then you should consider calling a locksmith to help you out. They will not only come to your exact location but be able to examine the whole of the problem, formulate a plan to fix it, and even provide you with a spare key. The cost to make these keys can vary, though. If you have a heavily fortified smart lock, then you may pay as much as 350 dollars; or as little as 30 dollars for classic insertion lock. It honestly depends on the system you want.

Choosing the Right Locksmith to Copy Keys

One of the defining traits of an excellent locksmith is their ability to make you a spare key based on nothing but the broken pieces you have collected. We can even come to your location to extract the key ourselves, but this will be an additional charge you will have to pay. If you can get it out yourself then you should try, but don’t force it because you may just make the situation worse for us and in turn, will cost you more money.

Any professional locksmith will be able to examine the main part of the key and make an almost identical spare for you. Additionally, you should see what services they provide and how much each treatment costs. The average cost people spend on locksmiths is around 160 dollars, but this is a price you will most likely never see. Reputable locksmiths understand the needs of the community and address them in a way they can justify doing.

Locksmith Key Duplication Near Me

One of the major perks of choosing a locksmith in the surrounding area is the fact they know what you are going through and going to have to deal with when the weather starts to change. Rocket Locksmith is proud of our ability to make key duplicates in a matter of minutes because of our state-of-the-art equipment. We will arrive at your exact location no matter the time of the day and start to examine the problem, but this dispatch will cost you a small number of 19 dollars. This will give us time to form a plan doing the least amount of damage to your locks.

However, this isn’t the only service we provide. Take a look through Rocket Locksmith’s catalog to see what each service does and the cost for them, which you’ll notice is substantially cheaper than other companies can offer. There is no reason your home shouldn’t be exactly what you want considering there are resources you can utilize to assist you in ultimate fortification.

Other Services Provided

Rocket Locksmith is proud to provide people with a variety of options to help you in your daily life. For instance, were you to be placed in a position I mentioned earlier, we would be able to come to your location and unlock everything for you so you can get home and rest, get your keys you left in your car, or even when you left your keys at home after you get to work. For a fee ranging from 25 dollars to 150 dollars, you will be given a price others can’t ever compete with.

Additionally, we can even help repair your garage so it locks completely and install a mailbox with a lock on it so no one steals your mail. There is no reason you should have vulnerability at your home or place of work. This is why we will also install a panic bar at your office in case something bad happens. People will be able to leave the property quickly and can be locked to prevent anyone from entering unless they’re authorized to be there.

Can Apps Duplicate Keys?

It would be ignorant for us to not mention the new advancements in technology, which is the invention of an app capable of duplicating the key. However, there are many drawbacks to this method. For one, the key can take longer than a week to get to you, which may not be a viable option for you. Furthermore, if the key doesn’t work then you are stuck with this part until they send you another one. Altogether, the idea can be incredibly useful, but the drawbacks are staggeringly large.

Contact Rocket Locksmith to Duplicate Keys Today!

Having duplicate keys may seem like a paranoid stance, but it’s just preparing you for hard times you probably didn’t expect. No one thinks they are going to lose their keys, which is why Rocket Locksmith exists. We have seen the turmoil this causes and it’s not a rare situation to be placed in. This is why Rocket Locksmith provides so many different options and at an affordable price. Contact us now if you have any questions about what we can do or if you want to start duplicating your keys today.