This happens to everyone, yet people almost always freak out and wonder what happened to their car or their key. Being locked out of your car can happen for a multitude of reasons, but it doesn’t mediate the frustration people feel when they are placed in this situation. However, there can steps you can take to ensure when you are facing this challenge you have a resource you can turn to for assistance.

Locksmiths can help people much more than making them a new key or helping them pick a new lock for your home. Rocket Locksmith wants to prove to people locksmiths are people you can resort to before anyone else when it comes to your door, lock or key issues. We provide people with all kinds of services they can utilize to ensure your residential, automotive, and even commercial concerns are solved. Contact us now if you want to learn more about these services or if you know you are in need of our assistance.

Reasons Your Car Door Won’t Open

Now, before you freak out about not being able to lock your car door, you need to take a couple steps back and wonder why this problem is appearing. Newer keys may not be worn down, but they may have suddenly be restarted which can make it harder to unlock the car. Although, your key may be the reason for the problem because it’s an older key and has been used repeatedly for years.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to having a worn down key, which is getting it replaced with a brand new key. Although, the problem may be the components in your car door, which may have eroded over time or may just be facing some technical issues. In total, there can be many reasons as to why your car door isn’t opening, but narrowing down the problem will help you explain the situation to the appropriate person to help you out of this bind.

Who Unlocks Car Doors Near Me?

Now, you may be thinking the first person you should call is your car dealership, but this may not be a solution for everyone who has moved around and can also be a pricey bill. Car dealerships may try and charge you as much as possible, even for the tow to get your car there, which is why you should trust looking out for your interests.

Rocket Locksmith has seen the expensive prices other people demand of people, which is why we do our best to provide reasonable prices for our services. Rocket Locksmith has locations in Michigan and Florida, which has allowed us to share the different scenarios we are capable of facing and what to do about it. This is why we can provide people with such low prices for our services because we are knowledgeable in almost any obstacle you throw at us.

Calling us for your automotive concerns will ensure the job gets done swiftly and at a low cost for you. For instance, if you need us to come to you then we will only charge you a simple dispatch fee of 19 dollars, which is vastly cheaper than the average minimum other locksmiths charge—75 dollars. Additionally, we will be able to fix your car door for a price as low as 27 dollars, which is why we are the best locksmith in Florida and Michigan.


One of our more commonly needed services, our automotive solutions are second to none. Not only can we remove broken keys or get you back in your car, but we can also replace your vehicle’s lock system, among other key services. We’ve provided a complete list of our automotive locksmith services below:

  • Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles
  • Removal of whole or broken keys from ignition
  • Replacements for lost car keys
  • Pop-A-Lock to get you into your vehicle fast
  • Automotive lock changing
  • Transponder key chip services
  • Key reflashing services


In addition to our extensive automotive solutions, we also offer a variety of residential services for homeowners in St. Louis, Charleston, Kansas City, MO, and Weston, FL. Of course, we know losing your keys and being locked out is frustrating, but we also know it’s a major security concern. Considering this, we offer the following services to keep you secure inside your home:

  • Lock Rekeying
  • New Keys
  • Window, Garage, & Mailbox Lock Opening & Replacement
  • High-Security Deadbolts/Mortise Lock Installation
  • Door Viewer Installation (Peephole)
  • Knobs, Cylinder Locks, & Sliding Glass Door Repair


Finally, Rocket Locksmith also provides some essential commercial services for business and building owners. We know how important building security is in these cases, and that includes any assets inside. To keep your building protected, we offer a range of services. We’ve provided a few below:

  • Mortise, Magnetic, & High-Security Lock Repair & Installation
  • Lock Rekeying
  • Electric Strikes and Continuous Hinges Installation
  • Provision of Restricted Keys
  • Panic Bars, Electric Door Release System, & Exit Alarm Lock Installation
  • File Cabinet Lock Opening, Repair, & Installation

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There is no reason you should settle for the first locksmith you see when there are many viable sources providing much better services and prices. Rocket Locksmith wants to make sure you are given the best possible options for the work you need, which is why we provide fair costs and are transparent about the work we do so you fully know what you are paying for. Contact us now if you want to learn more about our transparency or if you need our assistance soon.