The beautiful town of Lenexa, Missouri is nestled in the Ozark Mountains just north of Springfield. This quaint town is home to a large population of people who live near the Mississippi River and enjoy being in a temperate climate year round. A short drive from Springfield is another small town, Branson, Missouri. This area also is home to many active residents and professionals. Both towns are a little away from each other, but they are close enough for most to have access to the other if they desire to. The roads between these two towns are a bit different from each other. Find more information here.


Lenexa, Missouri is a historic town nestled in the Ozark Mountains. It is the tenth-largest city in Johnson County, Missouri, United States. It is the eighth most populous town in the Springfield Metro Area. As of the last census, the population is 48,639 with an estimated 2020 estimate of 55,125; increasing by almost 15 percent. Its growth has been fueled by a lot of people moving into the area in search of better jobs and the better quality of life that this area offers. In fact, this is one of the fastest growing cities in Missouri. With all this growth, more people are looking at this small town and wondering what they can do in this small town for a job. See here for information about Living in Mission.



There are a number of things that people who are looking for a job in Lenexa, Mo can do. It is important to remember that there are plenty of jobs available, so if you want to work at a fast pace in a fun environment, you will be able to find something to do here. If you are looking for a job in the medical field or some type of a doctorate program, the University of Kansas offers one of the top ranked graduate schools in the country. If you want to stay on your feet, you can always work in a bank, a law office, or a government agency. There are a number of other opportunities that are out there for those in this town. The area is just as rich in history as it is in today’s day and age. With so many opportunities, why not give this quaint little town in Johnson County a try?

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