Experience great operatic drama shows by renowned writers and actors in one of the many theaters open within St Louis. There are also outdoor performing art shows to spice your experience under the moon. The diversity within the creative industry of St Louis makes it easy for everyone to find what suits their taste best. Here are some popular performing art centers you might want to visit. More can be found here.

The Grand Center

The Grand Center is the cultural hub for St Louis. Located a few minutes west of downtown, the center offers a unique experience inside the Powell Symphony Hall. Enjoy beautiful music by the 135-year-old St Louis Symphony Orchestra in the Versailles palace-like hall. Read about Breathtaking Virtual Gaming Centers in St Louis here.

The Fox Theater

Spectacular dance shows, such as the Dance St Louis, and concerts fill the Fox Theater throughout the year. For an amazing musical experience, take a moment at the touring Broadway show held at the theater.

Opera Theater of Saint Louis

For a unique experience of classic and contemporary opera sung in English, visit the Opera Theater of St Louis. The performances by some of the youngest talents in the Opera music world will leave you with memories worth holding on.